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20170313 Atlas Home Novel Display White-01

Novel Display

The Novel Collection has been extended by a display version of Novel Sans in 5 widths and 50 steps in total. For more compact headlines, titles and word marks. more…

Novel Sans Hair

Hairline typography with Novel Sans. The family comes in 24 weights, with the upright italics, small caps and all features Novel Sans already provides. more…

Demo Fonts


Testing typefaces before purchasing them can be helpful and ensuring. Also reviewing printed matter can speed up the discussions with your team or clients. For those purposes we offer free demo versions with a reduced character set of all our typeface families here…

Printed Specimen


We regularly produce catalogues, posters as well as other printed matter. If you wish for us to add you to our mailing list, please send us an email with your contact details. If you wish for a specimen immediately we can provide free pdf’s for download here…


Heimat Collection

A system of 5 largely extended font families that covers the demands of expressive typography. Initially designed as a grotesk typeface with the characteristics of the late 20ies, the concept was applied to a monospaced, a didone, a high contrast sans serif and a stencil design. more…

Novel Collection

So far the collection contains 7 font families and it’s still growing. All typefaces within the collection have been designed to be part of a systematic approach to typography. The Novel Collection works in both, editorial environments but als in complex corporate identity programs. more…

Custom Type


The status quo can not always offer the best solution for a certain typographic need. Uniqueness for commercial purposes, technological requirements, licensing limitations, aesthetics – there are many reasons for considering a custom or customized typography.

360° Typography


Not all of our typefaces are available as webfont, app font or for e-publications yet, though we are doing our best to make sure all will be soon. If you are interest in implementing our type in your project and cannot find them online please get in touch with us.


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FH Potsdam  

FH Potsdam

Applaus is the exhibition of thesis projects of the faculties of design and media studies of the FH Potsdam. Design by Julian Thiel & Adina Radke, Photographs by Florian Hartwig.  


Typo St. Gallen Conference  

Typo St. Gallen Conference

The conference on typographic design has been designed completely in Novel. The Antiqua typeface has been hanging in trees, swimming in ponds and become furniture.


Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung  

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

The acknowledged daily newspaper FAZ went for Novel as their standard typeface for announcements, personal columns and obituary notices.


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